Suumaya 2019

Suumaya, Piridi’s latest creation, is mainly based around environment friendly fashion. The word, ‘Suumaya’ means “Well-Fashioned”. The fabrics used are eco-friendly and head-weaved. A traditional skill passed down from generations and ages, hand-weaving is loved and preferred by an immensely huge number of people. Hand woven fabrics are unique and beautiful. The Suumaya collection uses a nice blend of fabrics like cotton, linen and ikkat, making the quality of the cloth extraordinary and beautiful. The outcome after the entire process of weaving is a soft material, which is also an environmental fabric.

Style it Up

SAREE, the pride of Indian attires! A desi outfit that makes a woman look both elegant and sexy, while flaunting her curves. This summer, let’s give a fashionable twist to this much loved desi attire.
Piridi’s latest collection of linen sarees is stylish and classy. With the new trendy look, these sarees are sure to give you a graceful look, with a touch of hotness.
We decided to not go by the rule book and give this ethnic wear an Indo-Western look. We use your own creativity and fashion sense and style up a saree the way we want. So now you don’t need to wear it the same old way.

Fashion & Women

Graceful, Gorgeous and Glamorous, the three Gs every woman will always want to look. Fashion for women isn’t just a hobby, it’s a need you can’t live without. Piridi Couture moves heaven and Earth to fabricate stylish and beautiful designs for women. Our designs are chic and enchanting enough to have all the eyes set upon you!

Fashion & Men

Smart and Sexy, the two Ss every man will always want to look. Men’s fashion is always considered to be classy. Be it formal or informal, Indian or Western, men’s fashion has to be elegant, with a touch of the oomph factor. We at Piridi Couture nail down every effort to create alluring fashion for men. Our designs will add the charm, like icing on the cake.

Fashion Jewelry

You don’t know a woman until you have seen her jewelry. A piece of jewelry is often a piece of art and it is a non-verbal communication of your style. The ones that give us the feels, the feels that make you go ooohh !!!

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