Suumaya, Piridi’s latest creation, is mainly based around environment friendly fashion. The word, ‘Suumaya’ means “Well-Fashioned”. The fabrics used are eco-friendly and head-weaved. A traditional skill passed down from generations and ages, hand-weaving is loved and preferred by an immensely huge number of people. Hand woven fabrics are unique and beautiful. The Suumaya collection uses a nice blend of fabrics like cotton, linen and ikkat, making the quality of the cloth extraordinary and beautiful. The outcome after the entire process of weaving is a soft material, which is also an environmental fabric.

Post the weaving process, the fabrics are then colored with environmental-friendly and natural dyes. The designs on them are later weaved with a lot of creativity, details and patience. The outcome of the beautifully finished fabrics is the hard-work and dedication of our weavers. The clothes in this collection are casual and can be worn all around the year. They are suitable in every season. Whether it’s sunny, raining or chilled, these clothes are comfortable to be in all weathers.

Through Suumaya, Piridi is making its contribution in saving the environment by using eco-friendly clothes. We celebrate the hand skills and natural creativity of our artisans. You can feel the handloom experience in our clothes due to the human-handling of the yarn during the weaving process, resulting in much less stressed yarn and fabrics, than that of mill made fabrics. These fabrics are more breathable. They are also versatile enough to keep you cool in summers and warm in winters. Their material is also absorbent and allows the air to penetrate within.

Suumaya couture offers you a huge variety of handloom clothing for every occasion and generation. Diverse in style and design, but united by the roots, we bring to you a new fashion statement, which is not only enthralling, but also eco-friendly. Be a part of us and contribute to our environment.